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You’re not God, just a disappointed musician – Kweku Flick replies Mr Logic 

During one of his usual dismissive way, Mr Logic observed that the Kumerica wave fades away along with Kweku Flick’s career. But Kweku Felick denied knowing him with a descriptive, “A disappointed musician”.

Zion Felix brought up Mr Logics’ remarks whilst interviewing Kweku Flick about his life and career. But Kweku Flick was adamant that he didn’t know Mr Logic nor heard of the ‘offensive’ remarks until he was shown a picture.

in response to the host’s description, Mr Logic used to be a musician, Kweku Flick said, “A disappointed musician? Did he use to be? He couldn’t do it, so he’s a disappointed musician.”

To address the issue, Kweku Flick dismissed Mr Logic’s predictions. He reinstated that Mr Logic has no control over his future. He also disclosed his clairvoyance ability which manifests in dreams.

“He’s not God. It’s only God who can say that because of the things I’ve heard, seen and gone through, I know where I’m headed to. I dream a lot, and whatever I dream about comes to pass.

“When I had a dream about Kuami Eugene, I hadn’t even met him. I wasn’t even a singer then. I have seen a lot of things, and a lot of things are happening. What I have seen in the future and someone saying we won’t reach anywhere, I won’t bother myself,” Kweku Flick said.


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