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Iranian Human Rights Champion Narges Mohammadi Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

Narges Mohammadi - 2023 Nobel Peace Prize
Narges Mohammadi - 2023 Nobel Peace Prize

Today the world celebrates as the Norwegian Nobel Committee has announced Narges Mohammadi as the recipient of the 2023 Nobel Peace Prize. Mohammadi is an prolific Iranian human rights activist who has bravely fought for freedom and equal rights in Iran for decades.

Mohammadi has sacrificed her own freedom to become a voice for the oppressed in Iran. She has spent years behind bars as Iran’s authoritarian regime has repeatedly imprisoned her for her outspoken advocacy and criticism of their oppressive policies and human rights violations.

Despite the risks, Mohammadi has remained committed to her principles. She courageously formed the banned Step by Step to Stop the Death Penalty organization and continued to speak out against capital punishment and unjust detentions in Iran from inside prison.

Her advocacy has brought attention to Iran’s discriminatory laws against women, suppression of minorities, and the alarming rate of executions. She has given a powerful voice to political prisoners and dissidents who are frequently silenced through intimidation, imprisonment, and even death.

In awarding Mohammadi the Nobel Peace Prize, the committee recognized her “decades of relentless activism” and praised her “courage and resilience” in leading the fight for human dignity in Iran.

Many hope this prize will shine a light on the plight of activists like Mohammadi who risk their lives for justice. It brings hope that her sacrifices and lifetime of work were not in vain.

While Mohammadi was barred from traveling to accept the Prize in person, she relayed a message calling the award “a powerful manifestation of the humanitarian spirit in standing up for justice and peace.”

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Congratulations Narges Mohammadi – a true champion of peace. May this honor spur the world to stand with you and all Iranian dissidents in your continued fight for freedom.


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