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Best-selling cars in the world in 2022

2022 Toyota Corolla

The top five car models based on sales volume for the year 2022 are sold across the world. However, different regions may have different preferences and trends. 
For example, in the US, the best-selling cars were mostly pickup trucks, while in Europe, the best-selling cars were mostly hatchbacks and sedans
In China, electric vehicles accounted for 20 percent of total sales, with the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV being the third best-selling model.

The best-selling cars in the world in 2022 were:

  • Toyota RAV4 with 0.87 million sales
  • Ford F-Series with 0.79 million sales
  • Tesla Model Y with 0.76 million sales
  • Toyota Camry with 0.68 million sales

For the best-selling cars of all time by cumulative sales, the Toyota Corolla is still the world’s best-selling car to date, with over 47.5 million units sold since its launch in 1966.


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