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The Vivid Silences – Aaron Bebe Sukura

Aaron Bebe Sukura – Mbira, Xylophone is a world music writer and a composer who is noted to be the master of Xylophone in Ghana. He has so many world music songs to his credit and has toured many countries in and out of the African continent.

Aaron Bebe Sukura was born and brought up in Tanchara, a small village in the Upper West region of Ghana. Born and bred within a family of musicians Aaron quickly became familiar with the beautiful and intricate music of the Gyil, a Ghanaian xylophone, and would seek out the source of the music whenever he heard it. Aaron is also accomplished on the Seperewa, a traditional Ghanaian harp-lute, and the Mbira, a Zimbabwean soul instrument also known as a thumb piano.


“The Vivid Silences” is a multimedia project about oppressed individuals, perhaps all of us, who are suffocated by social rules – moral, legal or customary – that prevent them from expressing themselves and living as they are. Whether or not they want to confront the prejudices of society and family, they cannot avoid struggling with themselves. And, from this incessant dialogue between their inner self and their social self, comes the specific vibration of each person.

The performance is a fusion of traditional music from Ghana, Vietnam, and New Music, traditional dance, freestyle, and contemporary African dance, spoken word/poetry, acting and scenography.

Idea, Music, Scenography and Directing: Luong Hue Trinh
Spoken Word/Poetry: Oteanankanduro
Atenteben: Dela Botri
Mbira, Xylophone & Singing: Aaron Bebe Sukura
Ewe drum & Singing: Joyce Markyere
Bell: Vivian Lotsu
Dance: Shelly Ohene-Nyako, Keziah Appreku, Oteanankanduro
Light design: Orchestration Lighting Design

It takes place on our premises Saturday, 26. November 2022 … audience please be seated by 7.30pm.

See you there!

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