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Majid Michel opens up on his first arrest

Actor Majid Michel has revealed he was arrested by the Police many years ago for overspeeding.

Giving an account of his arrest on Adom TV’s Ahosepe Xtra, Majid disclosed that he and his friends were racing against each other.

According to him, when they got to the Nkrumah Circle, he sped passed a red light because he could not stop considering the speed he was driving.

Majid Michel said when the Police officer caught up with him and his friends on his bike, he stopped them.

Knowing he was guilty, the actor said he did not argue with the cop.

He added that the officer handed them a note with the inscription “see me in court,” indicating the date for the meeting.

However, when he showed up in court, he did not initially plead guilty, adding he only did so later at the advice of one of his friends.

He was then fined by the Cocoa Affairs Court in Accra.

About a month ago, the actor was arrested and interrogated, by the Narcotic Control Commission, after talking about his experience with drugs and marijuana in an interview on Asaase Radio.

Majid Michel noted that the Commission has explained to him his arrest was to ascertain whether he still used or dealt drugs.

He stated that “if they catch you with even one roll of weed in your house, the house would be confiscated. So they educated me a lot.”


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